I sit inside this GORGEOUS home, marveling at the outcome of this project; an outcome delivered by you and all the wonderful people who are part of the broader Seydel Construction family.  Never in my wildest dreams would I think this home could be transformed in the manner in which it has over the past nine months.  Honestly – I still cannot wrap my head around the craftsmanship your team delivered for me on so many aspects of this home.  It is a testament to the quality of your people, contractors, and sub-contractors with whom you partner on all projects.

Joe  and Lori, two VERY  important people who were on this journey with me and played such a critical role in making my vision a reality!

I work in a field that relies heavily on the skill of great “project managers”.  Joe – bar none – is one of the best project managers I have ever had the pleasure of working with on any project.  Joe listened to my ideas and/or desires…delivered expert opinion / guidance…and ultimately mapped out a plan to create the desired work. Importantly – he did all of this fabulous work with a keen focus on the “client”…I think of him as a dear friend and will miss seeing him as this project comes to its natural end!  

I would not have what I now have  if it wasn’t for Lori and her BRILLIANT skills as a home designer. I read the hundreds of comments people have made to pictures and videos I uploaded on Facebook and Instagram over the course of this project and people are simply WOWED!  Especially the bathroom vanities, hardware/fixtures, and lights inside and outside the home. Like Joe – her attention to detail and focus on the “client” have been superb.

It has been a crazy journey for sure – but in the end the work was completed in such fantastic fashion that I have the next 3_ decades to enjoy this home fully.”

Rich (Upper Dublin Township)

“Glenn and the Seydel Group have been so wonderful!  We’re so happy with both of our big projects so far! Everything turned out so well.”


“Glenn, We are thrilled. I love taking a sower these days.  He continues to do 5 star quality work.”

Pam and Family

“We chose to work with Glenn and The Seydel Group for our renovation which included a two story addition, patio with an outdoor fireplace, and an entire exterior update. This all happened while we continued to live in our home with two little kids and a third on the way. We were thrilled with both our experience and the results.

During the planning stage, Glenn listened and embraced our ideas while providing guidance and direction. He and his team had a “can do” attitude which was refreshing and remained a theme throughout the entire project.

Once we “broke ground” it was a constant flow of crews/trades. They made significant progress daily and remained right on schedule. Our Project Manager, Joe  was knowledgeable, reliable, and extremely responsive. He and everyone on site were very sensitive to the fact our family was living through the construction. We always felt safe. 

True experts and craftsmen, the results are beautiful and the systems flawless. We couldn’t be happier and more comfortable in our new space.

We would highly recommend The Seydel Group; their professionalism and quality of work are second to none. We are looking forward to working with them again on our kitchen remodel next year.”

Annie and Mike 

“Thank you and your team for creating a beautiful home for our family to grow in. After 11 years in our home and having two small children, we decided it was finally time to invest in our home and tailor it to our needs and taste. It was an overwhelming decision to take on and one we spent years researching. We interviewed four different contractors, each with different approaches, personalities and experience. All qualified and all capable. However, as mother of 2 toddler boys who ran her business out of her home, hiring a contractor wasn’t just about whether or not he/she could do the job, it was as much about whether or not this person would work well with me, be considerate of the fact we were living through this construction and would keep our family safe as we lived in this work zone. The person’s character and willingness to accommodate our situation was as important to me as the work they would do.

During the bidding process, you were collaborative, responsive, helpful, transparent and patient. During the demolition process, you went above and beyond to ensure that all safety issues were addressed so that no harm came to our curious young toddlers. During the construction process, you worked with me to make adjustments along the way when 2-dimensional architectural plans didn’t translate to what I actually wanted. When I was tired of the months of construction, you worked tirelessly to ensure we could enjoy our new spaces for the holidays and end on time. In my opinion, the renovation was significant. It was a huge impact on our family life and my work life. It could have been disastrous. But it was not. I don’t think many people can say that a long term, construction process was a positive experience… but thankfully I can. Not just because of you, but because of your team as well. Nick, Don, Frank, and the extended team of qualified subs were great at their jobs and great to work with as well. The quality of work, attention to detail and ability to problem solve was amazing. You and your team felt like family by the end…enough so our youngest took his first steps to you.

Bottom line, I refer you to my family and friends because I trust you, I like the Seydel team and you do amazing work!”

Krista & Mark

“I have worked with Glenn and the Seydel Group both professionally and personally and I can tell you that they are the absolute best in the business. Professionally, I work with builders all of the time. I have never met a contractor as responsive as Glenn and his team. Their willingness to collaborate with the homeowner and designer is so refreshing and really creates amazing results. And they have a positive, “can do” attitude which you don’t always find in a contractor. This is why when my family had a complicated renovation to our kitchen, I chose to work with Glenn and his team. Their attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship produced results that have blown away all of our family and friends all while being as easy on us as is possible during a renovation. I cannot thank Glenn and his team enough for helping our family to bring our dream kitchen to life! I would recommend Seydel Construction Group to absolutely anyone!”


Upper Dublin Resident