2020 has been a strange year. Many of us are ready for it to end. The pandemic has affected everyone in our community, state, and country. When the pandemic hit in March, we were unsure what it would mean to Seydel Group as a business. Like many, we were concerned that work would slow down and we would be forced to lay people off. Thankfully we were VERY wrong…….

The unexpected happened. We have been busier than we ever anticipated. So why has this happened?  I believe being stuck at home, people were compelled to remodel rooms, make their living space larger, or make the home a place they could work from. Home improvement projects are at an all time high. Places like Lowes and Home Depot have never been busier. The construction industry as a whole has been plagued with material and labor shortages. Things like appliances, generators, siding and lumber are in short demand. Material prices in some cases have doubled in the last 4 months.

You would think as contractors would be dancing in the streets…… The truth is much different.  We are thankful for all the work, but it has caused frustration for the consumer and unexpected pressure for the contractor. As builders, we strive to give good value and great customer service. Telling a customer that you are too busy to look at a project is not good for business. Trying to explain that the appliances ordered will not be in for 12 weeks adds to everyone’s frustration and extended timelines.

As a consumer what should you do?

Here are our recommendations on how to survive home renovations during coronavirus:

  • Prepare, Plan, and Be Patient– Are you hoping to get your bathroom done in the next 2 months? If your answer is yes, then we at Seydel Group are going to tell you that this busy construction market will most likely not allow for that. If possible set your goal for completion to be in the 4-6 month timeframe. You can prepare ahead of time.  Pick out fixtures, tile, and colors.  When Seydel Group comes to your home you can give them your wishes.  This helps with ordering and in the preparation for your estimate.
  • Defer to the future– Eventually this pandemic will end and people will start spending money on other things (vacation anyone?). When this happens, the demand will decrease and so should pricing. A little bit of patience may save money and frustration.
  • Grin and bear it– Home renovations can bring a sense of excitement, joy, and satisfaction. In a world where it is hard to find things to be thrilled about, a renovation can brighten your day. In the end, our goal is to make your home into the oasis you need in a world full of uncertainty.

Looking forward to building your dreams……..