Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

After inquiring about a project, you can expect to hear back from us in a couple of days. During our initial phone call you will have the opportunity to share your ideas. We will then set up a time to meet in person. Depending on the size and scope of the job, the initial consultation will be a time for us to view your project and listen to your intentions. For smaller projects such as bathrooms, we will take measurements, pictures, and notes so we can start on the process of writing a proposal. On larger projects , the first meeting is a time for you to present your vision and budget to Seydel Group. (Usually about an hour) We want to make sure your timeline aligns with ours. We understand that sharing a budget is a difficult notion for many clients. Every renovation project has its own special circumstances and there is no ‘price sheet’ for the work. Communicating a budget will save time and money for everyone.

2. Pre-Construction

This phase begins by meeting with the architect. The architect will provide a house survey along with preliminary floor plans and elevations. Once the general design and elevations are finalized, you will be sent a questionnaire. This will give us a feel for the types of finishes you are looking for. We will use all of the above information to create a preliminary proposal. This proposal will be for the full scope of the project as well as all allowance items. It is important to note that the ‘allowances’ account for a large portion of the project. During this time, it is imperative that you communicate your desires for things like appliances, fixtures, flooring, tile, etc. for your project. As an example, something as simple as a gas range….. Will you be using a $2300 36” gas range or a $17,000 36” gas range? (Yes, that is a thing) The better we know you, the more accurate the allowances and the preliminary proposal will be.

3. Pricing and Design Finalizing

Once you have given the go ahead on the design and proposal, Seydel Group will create a building contract for the client to sign. Once the contract is signed a “down payment/retainer” will be charged. Seydel Group will prepare and submit all permits necessary for your project. The permit process takes about 5 weeks including township review and approval ( 2-3 weeks). We are then ready to begin your project.

4. Design Service

Seydel Group provides you with full Design-Build services. Design-Build is the process in which we manage everything from your original conception to the finished product. Our architects, designers and project coordinators will guide you through the different decisions that go into your final project. From kitchen and bath design to choosing wall paint color, our staff is ready to ease any apprehension you may have about making the “wrong” selections. Our staff works with you to create a cohesive design while collaborating with our estimators and project coordinator to ensure the design is buildable and engineered in a cost effective manner. We do not require our clients retain us for design, but we do believe having everything under “one roof” results in a better, less stressful process.

5. Construction

At the beginning of construction most/all of your selections should be made. This will help move your project along and stay on schedule. You will be assigned a project manager to work with you on a daily basis. In your proposal there will be a line item budget for allowances. You are welcome to spend more on these items, but there will be an extra charge for what is not included in your proposal. Any changes made to the original proposal (moving an outlet or adding an outlet for example) will be put into our cloud based construction management software. A change order will be made and sent digitally to you through this software. You will need to approve any change orders made.

*Please note any changes made to the work will impact the time schedule for your project.

6. Communicating with the Project Manager

This is done face to face or through our cloud based software system called Co-Construct. Questions can be asked and answered through this system.

7. End of Project Punch List

You and your project manager get together for a final walk through. At this time you will make a formal punch list. Once all items are agreed to and complete final payment is due.

There is a warranty for one year after installation.

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