How Long Will it Take to Renovate My Home?

In our last post, we gave our two cents on one of the most common questions we are asked when we first look at a job. How much will the project cost? For our next attempt, we’ll be tackling:

How long will it take and when can you start?

Whether you’re considering a patio update or a complete home transformation, understanding the timeline is crucial for a smooth and stress-free experience. That being said, the start of a project is dependent on many things. In order to show how we derive a start time, we will work backwards from the first day of work. Here is the list of things that have to happen before your job starts (This is based on a small addition with a kitchen):

  1. Approval of Permits- 15 days
  2. Application for permits- 5 days
  3. Ordering of long lead items (cabinets, windows) – 1 day
  4. Receiving of initial deposit- 1 day
  5. Signing of contract- 1 day
  6. Revision of contract-1 day
  7. Writing and sending of contract- 1 day
  8. Estimating of project and writing of scope of work- 15 days
  9. Final Selection of project materials – 2 days
  10. Final Design of finished items (cabinets) – 2 days
  11. Production of architectural construction documents- 5 days
  12. Engineering of project- 1 day
  13. Design meetings- 2 days
  14. Detailed design drawings – 5 days
  15. Initial design meetings- 2 days
  16. Architectural revisions- 2 days
  17. Client meeting with architect- 1 day
  18. Architectural schematic drawings- 5 days
  19. Architectural as-built measurements- 2 days
  20. Initial architectural meetings- 1 day
  21. Initial project meeting- 1 day
  22. Initial contact between builder and client- 1 day

If you looked this list and added it up, you would find that it accounts for 72 business days (and this is just the pre-construction timeline!) To say that this list is aggressive and pie in the sky is an understatement. However, it was put together to show what could be done if all moving parts took the minimum time to complete each of their tasks. Reality is much different. Add in the busyness of your everyday life and your ability to make decisions, from Choosing a kitchen faucet to the wood species and stain color for kitchen cabinets and you could easily double the time from the initial meeting to the start of work. Once construction has begun, fingers are crossed that everything from demolition, framing, and electric to flooring and all aesthetic elements run smoothly.

Now not every job requires every step to be complete but even a simple bathroom renovation requires everything aside from the architectural and engineering work. Understanding all steps that go into each phase of a remodel, help to frame the timing required to do a job. It is important to understand that being prepared as a Client will help us expedite the design process. Apps like Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as inspirational photos are helpful in giving us an idea of your loves, likes and dislikes. Our designers use all of this information to put together an aesthetic for your project to help move the design portion along.

No matter the scope of the project, it is never too early to start planning. Understanding the process, setting expectations, and remembering that great things take time, will allow us to work together to optimize the functionality of your space to create the home that you envision.

Our team is dedicated to offering our expertise and support through every phase of your project. If you’re ready to explore the next step towards upgrading your space, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.




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